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“The mission of AumaKhua-Ki® is to help others live life at a higher vibration, to empower practitioners to work with and understand energy. AumaKhua-Ki® enables individuals to live in conscious alignment with their fullest gift expression and soul purpose. The goal of AKEB sessions is to create balance in the body, alignment within the mind and body, and to spread bliss and awaken the Soul.”












Dedicated to Your Energetic Growth

Each one of our Master Instructors has been through an in-depth training program and ready to activate the AumaKhua-Ki® key’s of light within you.  They have been trained in, and have completed practice, and certification requirements using the very same tools they will teach you to improve your personal energy practice, energetically align and awaken on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.  There is no deeper or more expansive energy training available for Energy Practitioners than what AumaKhua-Ki®  has to offer and your Master Instructor is ready to share.

Master Instructors

Ojela Frank – AumaKhua-Ki® Grand Master, AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Healing Practitioner, Advanced AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Activator, LMT.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1, 2 & 3 certification and Master Instructor 1, 2, 3 , Master Instructor 4 & Grand Master Mentorship.

I’ve been blessed in my life by some amazing life teachers: my spiritual mentor, Rev. Dr. Frank Alper, my Shaktipat guru, Swamiji, a Reiki Master Attunement by Reiki Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto (Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter), a Kalachakra Initiation from His Holiness the Dali Lama, a MariEl Attunement by the founder of MariEl Healing, Ethel Lombardi, time spent with three amazing psychic surgeons from the Philippines, sweat lodge experiences, initiations by Spirit, etc. All were rare and gifted opportunities for spiritual growth. Yes, I am very thankful for all of these. However, nothing in my 40 years of spiritual and energetic exploration have propelled me on my spiritual path like the energy of AumaKhua-Ki ® has—as a catalyst to growth. I am processing the AumaKhua-Ki ® energies daily and, even while I sleep.

It took me decades to discover the energy wisdom known as AumaKhua-Ki ® Energy Balancing & Meditation. It’s important for the teachings not to be lost. Almost every day, there is another teaching—I experience more each week and, also what I learned during the AK Subtle Body Alignment series of sessions & energy explorations.

From beginner: AKEB 1 to AK Energy Master is 4 – 6 months. AK Teacher courses can be learned in 1 – 2 months. AK Master Instructor status requires qualifications that can take 6 – 12 months to complete, etc. When AKEBM course development is completed, some AKers will be able to achieve AumaKhua-Ki ® Grand Master status in 3 – 5 years. If this interests you, please reach out to me or one of our AK Instructors. We are here to grow together. If you just want to do AK self-treatments, do AK for family, pets and enjoy the AK energy meditations, then AumaKhua-Ki ® is also for you.

Follow your heart. Your Soul will thank you.

Tamara Gold – AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor 2, AumaKhua-Ki® Master Practitioner – Second Degree, AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Healing Practitioner, Advanced AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Activator, and LMT.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-4 online.  CEs for Intro, Levels 1-4 workshops. 

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1, 2 & 3 certification workshops. 

Incredible synchronicity is what ultimately lead to my connection with Grand Master, Ojela Frank. What I know from my personal studies is this, If you truly study energy, you will understand the incredible treasure within AumaKhua-Ki® the minute you feel it. This vibration of this energy is more activating, potent, regenerative than any energy I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing or learning. I can say this with certainty, after conducting hundreds of client sessions, AK sparks true bliss within. 

AumaKhua-Ki® training takes you beyond just laying on of hands or moving energy. It’s an intelligent tool that fosters deep activation, connection and soul alignment. I’m dedicated to a daily practice, the teaching and sharing of this energy, AK. My passion is to help cultivate and equip the next generation of energy practitioners with quality sound practices that help them create deep transformation, learn key practice building and energy wisdom to enrich their personal and professional lives. 

Since my initiation into the energy, I’ve witnessed (both in myself, my students and clients) miraculous emotional healing, powerful stress and pain relief, the highest level of intuitive activation and refinement. This energy system is not a watered down energy practice where key pieces and ceremony are missing or deleted for profit and volume but, a living, breathing, dynamic and potent practice of energy exploration and activation. Our Grand Master, actively explores and gifts her wisdom and teachings back to the community. AK has changed my life and my work in more ways than I can share in a tiny paragraph.

Whether you are just curious, seeking spiritual, personal or professional development, I encourage you to learn AK®. It will take your energy or meditation practice to new heights and help you to unlock your fullest potential on every level of mind, body and soul. This I can attest to.

Angie ZX UH – AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor 2, AumaKhua-Ki® Master Practitioner – First Degree, AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Healing Practitioner, Advanced AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Activator. 

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-3 online, Levels 1-4 in-person. 

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1, 2 & 3 certification workshops.

I was once told “You are a sponge for negative energy.”. It was a truth I thought I had to accept blindly, it was just who I was. Large crowds, sad events, and drama were toxic to me, and I lived my life in avoidance of these things, limiting my life in ways only other energy “sensitives” would understand.

Until…I decided…”There must be something I can do about this!”. That decision is what lead me to the path of AumaKhua-Ki®. What I discovered is this: It all starts with understanding and creating a relationship with energy. To understand how to live life at a higher frequency. How to balance my energy, and be in control of my reactions and actions, which has brought me alignment in all aspects of my life.

It has fueled my passion as an AKEB® Master Instructor, allowed me to bring balance and energy knowledge to others, and to be a part of something much bigger than myself!

Whether you are looking for ways to take your self-care to another level, or you have a passion for sharing the work with others, I encourage you to learn AumaKhua-Ki®. Gain control of your own energy, take meditation to a new level, and manifest in alignment through energetic understanding.

Felicia Medlock Blair – AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor 2, AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Master Practitioner, AumaKhua-Ki® Energy Activator, LMT.  

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-3 online, Levels 1-4 in-person.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1, 2 & 3 certification workshops.

I began my AK healing journey in 2014. I was a long time bodyworker who was always interested in studying an energy healing modality. I am so happy I was finally guided to study AK! I took Level 1 and 2 in a weekend for my CEU’s. It was literally life-changing. I was in an altered state for a few days. My vibratory rate completely changed. It took a week or so to integrate the new frequency.
As I began to work with AK in meditation, my practice sessions on myself and others I learned about truly working with energy. Over the course of the next year, I went all the way to master level and became certified through many hours of training. Through these teachings, I became a confident and highly effective practitioner of this powerful modality. There are many facets of this system. One of the many benefits I received from learning and incorporating AK into my life is that I am no longer reacting to situations and challenges. I am grounded and centered.
I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for decades. As a result of my AK energy balancing and meditating I no longer experience this emotional imbalance, I can easily meditate now. I have been able to heal myself on the physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship aspects of my life. I love it so much, I became a teacher of it!
This wonderful system empowers you to heal your life, as well as to help others. The support from the tribe is ongoing, loving and enlightening. I am deeply honored to assist you on this remarkable journey!





Ola Sobanski – AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor 1, AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER Practitioner, AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Healing Practitioner, LMT.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-3 online, Levels 1-3 in-person.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1 & 2 certification workshops.

I absolutely love learning about myself and others. It’s a passion of mine to assist others in following their dreams and live their purpose. I have always been interested in health and wellness even when I was just a little girl.  Through my own experience and health challenges, I realized very quickly that true health is more than what is happening on the physical plane. I learned the importance of addressing the root cause not just the symptoms to heal myself. For me, energy awareness is the foundation to optimal health.

AumaKhua-Ki® came into my life at a time that was very challenging. It honestly felt like a divine intervention where certain events lined up perfectly in order for me to take the next steps in my personal growth.  AumaKhua-Ki® has brightened my world and opened my eyes in ways that are indescribable. I feel expanded, free and aware of who I am on a deep soul level. From this blissful state, I know anything is possible.  

AumaKhua-Ki® is by far the purest, highest vibration, and most impactful energy medicine I have ever experienced. AK ® feels like a gateway into self; a direct path connecting me to my inner wisdom and light.  What occurs is far more than words can describe. In my own personal experience, a veil of unreality is lifted off, my world is brightened and I feel aligned physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is health.

I particularly have a love and passion working with horses and all animals. Animals live from a place of unconditional love. They enrich our lives and can teach us so much. It’s always amazing to see how they love and respond to the AumaKhua-Ki® frequencies. Owners have even shared that their horses are performing better, are more relaxed and overall more balanced. All of life deserves to feel bliss, peace and happiness. 

Ojela Frank, the channel and creator of AumaKhua-Ki® has devoted her life to share this divine wisdom with others. She has so much to share about energy arts and it’s an honor to call her my dear friend. I truly feel that AumaKhua-Ki® is a gift to humanity. There is nothing more gratifying than to see that sparkle in a person’s eyes. As more and more people live from their highest expression of themselves, we all grow and become inspired. This is why I love teaching AumaKhua-Ki®.





Cheryl Taylor – AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor 1, AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER Practitioner, LMT.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-3 online, Levels 1-3 in-person.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 1 & 2 certification workshops.

What brought me to AumaKhua-Ki®The energy did. I was already working with other healing modalities(Reiki, Massage Therapy, Crystals, Sound Healing, etc) but knew there was something next. Something, I had been preparing for. From my first attunement, I knew I had found a powerful tool that would assist me in my life’s mission which is to help empower woman to connect with their divine selves, to find their purpose and energize their passions.

AK has helped me and many others to more easily access intuition, ease pain, provide clarity, reduce stress, manifest goals, and much more. An unexpected benefit was that it enhanced the other work I was already doing! This blissful energy modality, channeled by Ojela Frank is a continual source of growth, peace, and support.

I’m excited to share these teachings with you in person or online!





Fabiola Kindt – AumaKhua-Ki® Instructor 3, and AumaKhua-Ki® MASTER Practitioner, AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Healing Practitioner, LMT. Offers classes in Spanish.

Teaches AumaKhua-Ki® Intro, Levels 1-3 in-person.

“As a Reiki Master, I embrace the power of the Reiki symbols. However, I was “blown away” when I learned AumaKhua-KI® Energy Balancing & Meditation.

I realized the AumaKhua-KI® symbols and mantras are ALIVE.  Their energy and vibrations are much stronger.  The energy symbols move tri-dimensionally from within towards the cosmos and back.

Their vibrations are supreme–several times stronger than Reiki.

Ojela Frank has really linked into the highest vibrations of the Universe. After my Level-1 & Level-2 initiations, the AumaKhua-KI® symbols danced inside my hands. The energy activated my chakras strongly, bringing extreme heat into my entire body. While saying the AumaKhua-KI® mantras, my brain buzzed like it was being rewired and altering my state of consciousness.

I believe the energies of AumaKhua-KI® accelerate the depths of any healing meditation.  It is geared specifically to an instant awakening of the inner healer through energetic transmission from Grand Master, Ojela to the Natural Healer within each of us. Energy and consciousness manifest together. AumaKhua-KI® facilitates an opening to live simultaneously from both the internal and external worlds (dimensions).

AumaKhua-KI® is a paradoxical experience.  The frequency of this Energy brings you to a place where there is no inner or outer, material or spiritual, subject or object—no separation.  With AumaKhua-KI® you directly experience your Divine potential by connecting with your higher energy, the Life force, the Holy Spirit, the “here and now” and, in the presence of the external Master, you gain access to the Guru within.When Ojela enters into deep meditative states of awareness, she manifests a huge energetic transmission for those receptive. Her Supreme energy field radiates and expands to everyone present, initiating an inner healing transformation with a deep, binding connection to Divine energy.” 

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