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  • you had an incredible interaction with one of our AK practitioners, enjoyed an AumaKhua-Ki ® session and/or asked for more information about upcoming training or online AK Intensive.

First, we would love to tell you a little bit more about AumaKhua-Ki ® and what benefits training may offer you?

AumaKhua-Ki® is a comprehensive energy balancing and meditation system that offers multiple levels of training starting with Level 1 – 4, Master.

AumaKhua or Khua means, Higher Self, KI (key) means, Universe Life Energy. We know ki most commonly here in the US from the Chinese word chi for life force. 

AumaKhua-Ki ® pronounced (om-ah-koo-ah-kee), increases a person’s capacity to channel more healing energy using AumaKhua® Symbol applications for raising a person’s frequency several levels to attain higher levels of intuitive sensing, connection to higher-self, consciousness and to channel more energy. 

For students wanting to continue to advance through to higher levels of training, to master their energy skills, and to teach transformation work, we offer Instructor and Master Instructor training opportunities. Our online AK Intensives are a wonderful way to shorten your learning curve and immerse yourself into the world of AumaKhua-Ki®


Our online AK Intensives train students from all over the world.

What is an online AK Energy Intensive Training?

The online AK Energy Intensive is your place to experience breakthrough, next-level transformation, and to level up your ongoing practice with energy. The online AK Energy Intensive will deepen your body-mind connection, your ability to sense, direct and channel more energy, help you evolve on your spiritual journey, find confidence and peace, while you discover and deepen your connection to your soul’s purpose in the world alongside a fantastic community of holistic-minded and heart-centered members.

For details, dates and the registration for next online intensive see below:

AumaKhua-Ki ® Online Intensives will empower you to:

  • Easily improve your intuition.
  • Learn to use energy more effectively as a tool for personal growth.
  • Create a much stronger body-mind connection to your vital life force, the Universe & your higher-self!
  • Remove the obstacles to your success so that your purpose can find you and who you were born to serve!
  • Connect and receive unquestionable guidance from the Universe to manifest your most meaningful life.
  • Use the easy to follow protocols and guided meditations to create groundedness, balance, focus and healing in your life.
  • Experience world-class training and instruction to breakthrough to the next level of personal mastery.

AK Energy Intensives are delivered in live classrooms on zoom with easy to follow weekly interactive training’s. No overwhelm here! Beginners, seasoned pro’s, empaths and busy people from all walks of life love this online experience.







“Energy doesn’t communicate in human tongues, but it does speak clearly. It speaks through the metaphors of our lived experiences, the hurricanes, and earthquakes of nature, the expressions of the body’s symptoms, or the whispered message of a randomly chosen passage in a book. Energy communicates through colors, geometric shapes or symbols, as well as through the dreams and the events that occur unexpectedly in our lives. This language, like any new tongue, is challenging. Learning it begins with paying attention to the ways in which the invisible world communicates. Whatever the situation, there is a message. It just takes a little exploration to uncover its meaning.” ~ Elaine Seile

What you learn in the online AK Intensive:

  • 6 activating proprietary AK Yantras (symbols) & Mantras (name’s) with specific application and protocols.
  • How to create healing and balance within the body-mind complex, effortlessly, holistically, and energetically.
  • Training on energy anatomy – learn the chakra systems, the connection to emotions and the nervous system, subtle bodies and other important energy points to take charge of your health and well-being.
  • Energy self-treatments, multiple types of sessions for in-person, distant and remote work.
  • Accessible energy tools, healing meditations, advanced energy techniques, activations, and remote healing.
  • Relieve stress, pain, suppressed emotion and patterns that deplete your energy, productivity, health, happiness and more.
  • Effortlessly access higher states within our energetic and mental fields that students and AK practitioner’s lovingly call, the “bliss frequency”.
  • Cultivating a higher mental and energetic practice that creates upper chakra activation and a direct path to higher conscious states, intuitive activation, transformation, and manifestation.
  • Private Facebook support group.


Each one of our Master Instructors are DEDICATED TO YOUR ENERGETIC GROWTH and have been through years of in-depth training, all level’s of programming, and are ready to activate the AumaKhua-Ki® key’s of light within you.  They have been trained in, and have completed practice, and certification requirements using the very same tools they will teach you to improve and advance your personal energy practice, energetically align and awaken on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.  There is no deeper or more expansive energy training available for Energy Practitioners than what AumaKhua-Ki®  has to offer and your Master Instructor is ready to share. 

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