AumaKahu-Ki® is a chakra based energy and meditation discipline. 


AumaKhua or Khua means, Higher Self

KI (key) means, Universe Life Energy

We know ki most commonly here in the US from the Chinese word chi for life force.

AumaKhua-Ki ® pronounced (om-ah-koo-ah-kee), accelerates a heightened state of awareness and increases a person’s capacity to channel more healing energy.

Advanced AK classes include energetic AumaKhua® Symbol applications for raising a person’s frequency several levels to attain higher levels of intuitive sensing, connection to higher-self, consciousness and to channel more energy.

Advanced practitioner learn how to do powerful AumaKhua-Ki ® energy practices for building their “Bridge of Light”. A practice that increases awareness of knowing Higher Self. Some Advanced AK Instructors do SoulQi-Ka (TM) sessions & empowerments, upper chakra activations, AumaKhua-Ki ® Lightbody Matrix Activations. By experiencing higher frequencies from attunements and energy activations, the initiate gains greater understanding of Ascension Consciousness. 

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